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Title: Must Be Tuesday
Collection: Surfboards and Pineapple Pizza
Rating: G
Content of Note: Um, crack?
Written for: [ profile] sd_ldws Round 5, Week 1. Genre was crack, prompt was "raccoon"
Characters/Pairings: Steve,Danny
Word Count: 299

"You know," Danny said conversationally. "When the kid said it was a 'giant-ass bandit, brah,' this is not what I thought he meant. Looks like he's headed up the mountain." A flick of movement and swaying trees to their right had him correcting their course. "A big guy, yeah. Maybe someone Shamu's size, sure; but this? Really?!"

"Well, ya gotta admit," Steve replied with an ironic grin as they continued their chase. "The description certainly fi -- Look out!"

Steve grabbed Danny’s arm, pulling them both behind a convenient tree as a giant rock flew past, crashing into the jungle around them and bringing down a couple of trees. "Hey," Danny yelled. "Watch it, you animal!"

His shout was only answered by a loud, angry chitter and another rock landing perilously close to where they crouched. Seriously, the things they did for the great state of Hawaii and all things shiny that sparkled.

A 50-foot raccoon had been tearing up the island all morning, and of course 5-0 got the call. Danny ran frustrated hands through his hair. How was this his life, and how the hell were they supposed to catch that thing?

A quick glance at his partner showed Steve with his game face on.

"All right, Super Seal, I know that look. You got a plan to catch our bandit friend?"

Steve just grinned.


Several hours, an elixir of dubious origins, and a handy giant cage later and Danny had to admit that Steve’s plan wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t so good, either; and there was no doubt whatsoever that the Governor was going to have some choice words about the damage. For now, though, Danny only had one question: "All right, genius. How the hell do you propose we shrink back to normal?"

Date: 2012-03-08 10:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL. That's such a Steve thing to do, in a crack-world!

"All right, genius. How the hell do you propose we shrink back to normal?"
I can totally hear Danny say this!

Date: 2012-03-08 06:44 pm (UTC)

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