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Title: When You Say Nothing At All
Collection: Surfboards and Pineapple Pizza
Rating: R
Content of Note: Mentions of sex
Written for: [ profile] powrhug's H50 Drabble Challenge Go check it out! There's lots of good stuff going on over there.
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny
Word Count: 200
Notes: [ profile] jesseofthenorth left the prompt "unspoken but not unheard," and it kind of grabbed me and wouldn't let go. It also decided it wanted to be longer than Kare's word count limit, hence me posting it here instead of as a comment to her post. >_< *pokes long-winded muse* So here's a double drabble instead of the pretty 100 words it should have been. XD


Danny, for all his rants and rages, speaks loudest in his silence. Steve has learned to listen closely.

Every roll and thrust of his hips, every writhe, every bruise left from clutching fingers -- it all screams "you’re mine!" to anyone who cares to see it.

"I’m yours" is there, too, in the arch of Danny’s neck and the bow of his back.

"Always," Danny whispers with the soft sweep of his lips.

"Only you," he growls with the harsh scrape of teeth, the insistent slide of a warm, wet tongue.

Danny shouts "you goof" with every indulgent smile, and "are you insane?!" with every scowl. But he also says "please don't hurt" with the caress of gentle fingertips as they map each scar and sooth every pain, as they map and quest over the landscape of Steve's body.

His "I love you" is a whisper of a gentle caress on the back of Steve’s neck or the slide of a thumb gliding tenderly over his cheek. He screams "never leave me" with his body wrapped tight around Steve's in the darkest depths of night.

Yeah, Danny speaks loudest without saying a word; but Steve always hears him, loud and clear.
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