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Title: The Purrrfect Betrayal
Collection: Surfboards and Pineapple Pizza
Rating: G
Content of Note: Um, Steve’s a cat? Well, a human-shaped one anyway. Idon’tevenknowdon’tjudgeme! Also, blatant deus cat machina.
Written for: [ profile] sd_ldws Round 4, Week 5 -- Challenge cliché/genre was "crack", prompt was "betrayal"
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Danny
Word Count: 298
Notes: Um, so, yeah. There’s more to the story here. I just know it.
Summary: How could she? Danny was his!

This, Steve fumed as he watched his pridemate rub up against his partner, is the ultimate betrayal. She knows he’s mine! After everything Steve had done for her; taking her in, giving her safety and shelter and making sure she was fed and warm, this was how she repaid him?

Danny continued to obliviously stroke the pretty little calico cat that had jumped up in his lap as soon as he’d sat down on Steve’s couch.

:What do you think you’re doing, Rosie? Belongs to Alpha!: Steve tried very hard to keep his anger in check. There was no need to scare the young cat.

:Not claimed. Rosie like. Rosie have keep? The little calico gave Steve an arch look and continued to make herself comfortable.

"Seriously, Steve. What was that stunt you pulled today? Would it kill you to...," Danny’s voice faded into the background as Steve glared at Rosie. The cat started kneading her claws against Danny’s leg as Danny scratched behind her ears and continued to rant at Steve.

:Rosie,: Steve growled in quiet warning.:Kitten need stop.: She was scent marking Danny! Right in front of him!

:Alpha not claim. Alpha not want. Rosie haz naow.: Then she raised her head, bumped her cheek against Danny’s, and licked delicately at his chin. Steve pounced, ripping Rosie out of Danny’s lap and taking her place.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Danny yelled. "What the hell, Steven?!"

"Not hers," Steve growled, licked at the spot Rosie had marked, replacing her scent with his. "Mine. My mate. Belongs to Alpha! Not Rosie’s!"

"Mate, huh?" Danny’s voice was laced with amusement. "Kind of like the sound of that."

With a delighted chuckle, Steve proceeded to make sure Danny was thoroughly claimed, completely missing Rosie’s smug :Alpha welcome: in the process.
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